Andy Tomalin - 18 years of knowledge and experience in the telematics and mobile telephony industry. 

Chris Simms - an entrepreneur with over 22 years experience in the construction fleet and waste management sectors.

In 2007 Andy and Chris decided to bring together their wealth of knowledge and understanding of the requirements of business owners and fleet managers and deliver to their customers a versatile, affordable and reliable vehicle tracking and fleet management service.

Trackitnow developed a method for creating bespoke customisation for customers with unique requirements and our specialty is back end integration into our customers existing systems. This is a fast developing aspect to our business.

In the last few years and with the emergence of cheaper handheld rugged mobile tablet devices, it has been possible to deliver new and exciting solutions with end-to-end workflow processes, assisted by the use of user locations.

By the end of 2015, Trackitnow will have installed over 10,000 devices to over 1000 business clients, accessed by thousands of people in the UK and 21 European countries on a roaming platform.

ERA, which stands for "electronic remote archive"  is the user interface, available for PC, Mac and all web enabled mobile devices and is developed in-house by Trackitnow in Kettering Northamptonshire. 

Recent developments include:

  • Live traffic information on the system map
  • P11D calculations
  • Driver behavioral monitoring and reporting
  • The integration with Tachograph systems to enable scheduled automatic download of driver card and vehicle data
  • CANbus integration for an even greater level of vehicle performance analysis.

Future developments:

  • Route planning
  • Speeding by actual road - rather than the often used "average or approximate"