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Trackitnow’s range of LiveWitness connected cameras with built-in vehicle tracking have been designed with ease of use and accessibility in mind.

Automatic upload of footage with email alerts (including location) upon incident, as well as the ability to remotely interrogate the camera memory from the Trackitnow eraWeb tracking platform. Drivers can also trigger uploads via a panic button in instances of road rage or dangerous driving. These features enable Fleet Managers to capture those all-important ‘at the scene’ details of any incident.

With the choice of front and cab facing cameras, as well as additional cameras and driver facing monitor, Trackitnow has a solution to meet your requirements.

Benefits include:

  • HD 1080 Camera
  • Remote upload / retrieval of footage - no re-routing of vehicles.
  • Automatic ‘incident’ upload & email alerts
  • FNOL (First Notification of Loss)
  • Loop recording - No full memory cards or formatting
  • Built-in tracking / award winning tracking platform
  • Tamperproof memory
  • Extra security
  • Driver Safety
  • Evidence for insurance claims
  • Encourage safer driving
  • eraWeb Tracking Platform
  • Free Tracking Apps
  • Panic Button - enables drivers to trigger video upload


Connected Accident Cameras Vs Dashcam

Cloud Connected cameras enable quicker responsiveness in the event of an incident, when compared to traditional dash cams. They also remove the need for time consuming SD Card formatting, which if forgotten, can result in valuable footage not being recorded

FeatureDashcamConnected Camera
Records incidents Direct to SD card Direct to camera storage
Loop recording / No formatting Card formatting required Direct to camera storage
Automatic video incident upload   Uploaded to cloud servers
Non-incident video retrieval   Request via eraWeb Tracking Platform
Instant incident alerts   Instant email alert
Built in tracking   with eraWeb Tracking platform access
Tamperproof memory Removable SD Card Secure onboard memory


Who will benefit from the LiveWitness accident cameras?

  • Anyone looking to add more security and monitoring to their existing vehicle and fleet tracking systems.
  • Businesses whose vehicles are often active in potential-accident hotspots such as motorways, construction sites or country roads.
  • Fleet and Office Managers who can use the video evidence as part of insurance claims or employee investigation.
  • Human Resource teams for encouraging better driver safety and reviewing potential/past driving accidents. As part of an education strategy, having employee driver footage could help encourage safer driving habits and save your business thousands in the long run.


Which LiveWitness Camera should I choose?

All Trackitnow LiveWitness cameras come with front facing HD 1080 cameras with video upload on incident, as well as the ability to request video clips over the air (OTA).

All cameras have built-in tracking, with access to Trackitnow’s award winning Era Essentials tracking platform; giving you access to all live and historic tracking features and our full fleet management and reporting suites.

Each camera is tamperproof and comes with a 128Gb SD card as standard.

Live Witness 200 has both front and driver facing HD video. Requesting internal video and audio can be disabled via the ERA tracking platform.

Live Witness 500 gives you the option to employ additional side and rear cameras with driver facing TV reversing monitor, as well as upgrading the storage to 2TB.


FeaturesLive Witness 200
Live Witness 200
Live Witness 500
Live Witness 500

Built-in vehicle tracker

Extra inputs (1)

EU Roaming

Front facing HD 1080 Camera

Driver facing camera

Video upload on incident
(Front & driver video clips)

(All cameras optional)
Request video clip over air
Storage* 128gb SD card 128gb SSD

Internal SSD
Expandable storage Optional - requires upgrade hub & storage up to 2TB
Extra camera inputs Optional - hub required to allow up to 4 extra cameras
Driver facing monitor Optional - hub required to connect to screen
Panic Button
Driver Behaviour Reporting

Please note: The camera will record footage data onto the storage. When all the storage has been used the camera will automatically overwrite the oldest footage. Due to the fact that the vehicles drive for different amounts of time, we cannot advise with any certainty how many days of footage will be retained on the storage. The more cameras you add the greater the demand on the storage.