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Every parent will have a mixture of feelings and emotions when their child passes their driving test. It is a time to be very proud of their achievement, but having an inexperienced driver on the road also brings about a whole set of other concerns and fears for parents or loved ones.

TINDrive is a vehicle tracker and locator that uses GPS to determine the precise location of the vehicle at all times. TINDrive updates the LIVE location every 15 seconds* and can be viewed via our FREE Smartphone App or online via PC or Mac.

What are the benefits?

  • Quick and simple DIY install - In most cases no tools are needed
  • Live location in real time
  • Monitor driving speeds to help promote safer driving
  • Review journeys your child has taken
  • Quickly create geo-zones with alerts of vehicle movement
  • Locate your vehicle in case of breakdown • Locate your vehicle in the event of theft

This cost effect solution starts from just £199.99 inc . VAT + P&P and includes the first 12 months service.

  • Full UK based support service
  • Full contract term warranty.
  • Easy to fit via the vehicles OBD port.
  • Free mobile apps (Apple & Android)
  • Web based portal

Simple and affordable subscription renewal for peace of mind.

- Additional 12 months tracking £99.00 inc. VAT

- Additional 24 months tracking £179.00 inc. VAT