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SOLO  is our most up-to-date automated personal proximity tracking device which enables employers to safely welcome back to work employees that work in relatively close and mixed space environments, both indoors and outside.

Large single sites, complex campus environments and multiple geographic locations are all easily covered. Global coverage is available. Scalable, with no cap on employee head count. Grouping and teams deployment with auto-reporting is all possible using our dashboard.

SOLO  helps to speed up, keep safe, record and monitor the return to work process by helping employers to address and overcome the challenges brought about by COVID-19, due to the social distancing legislation and corporate and social responsibility.

SOLO  has many benefits for the employer and the employee. Both groups feel a real sense of security and safety knowing that they and their colleagues are all actively doing their part to work together in a respectful and responsible way.

Any identified individual that becomes unwell can be quickly matched against other healthy individuals that may have come into close contact with the unwell individual for a determined period of time, using the system reporting tool and appropriate action may be taken by the employer.

The SOLO  system is easy to set up and maintain, requires no technical skill to monitor and requires no excessive up-front capital outlay.

A team deployment can be set up quickly and easily and brings about real benefits within a very short timescale. `Proximity time limits exceeded` exception reports can be automated from as early as the first day!

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Why do all employers need to take precautions against COVID-19?

COVID-19 or "Coronavirus" is an ongoing global pandemic which is primarily spread between people during close and persistent contact, most often via small droplets produced by coughing, sneezing and even talking. Preventative measures include hand washing, covering one's mouth and wearing a face mask in addition to maintaining social distance from others.

SOLO enables users to better manage their proximity to one another within the workplace in an effort to reduce the spread of disease and better ensure business can continue to operate safely and effectively.

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How does 'SOLO' work?

Individuals either wear a lanyard around the neck attached to our `SOLO` device or carry the small, lightweight and rechargeable SOLO device in their pocket.

SOLO  contains amongst other technologies, a new type of BLE beacon and GPS locator. There is also an optional `Press to Call` and `Man-Down` function (optional subscription required). The BLE beacon detects the distance and proximity to the nearest other BLE enabled SOLO device. This is a continuous detection process between other employees also carrying a SOLO device. Battery life is approx 30-35 hrs, enough for more than a whole day without recharging.

The proximity distance settings are pre-configured by trackitnow and can be amended 'over the air' (OTA)

If two or more individuals get within the set proximity limit, all individuals in breach of the set limit will be alerted via a vibration and an audible alarm on the SOLO device.

In that moment SOLO will communicate a record of this and any similar event though the cellular network to our private and secure proprietary proximity tracking servers.  ALL data is accessed ONLY via our secure platform dashboard and reporting tools, complying with the GDPR regulations.

All user personal safety and security is ensured with end-to-end encryption.

In the unfortunate situation where a positive COVID-19 case is confirmed within the workforce, the Health and Safety manager can easily access a list of individuals that have been in contact with each other by entering the employee SOLO  ID into our dashboard interface. Appropriate and precautionary measure can then be taken.

Click here to view a sample of a 'SOLO' social distancing report

SOLO  also allows for the protection of `Lone Workers` through 2 way voice and text communication in addition to  being able to automatically send out "Man-down" and no-movement alerts.


Please watch this short video presentation to learn more about SOLO - powered by trackitnow

All characters in this film are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. `SOLO` is copyright by trackitnow Ltd July 2020

'SOLO' is our personal social distancing & monitoring device