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ERA lite is a GPS vehicle tracking solution designed specifically for the smaller fleet operator offering many of the core features as the award winning ERA Essentials tracking solution.

You can access ERA lite from anywhere using our web access solution as well as on yor mobile devices using one of our dedicated apps available in the Apple App store and Google Play store.

Choose from a covertly installed tracking device or an 'easy to move' OBD II traking device. Both devices have been configured to work with the Trackitnow ERA lite solution and offer all of the features the smaller fleet will require.

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tracking features

Era Icon lite Tracking Features

Features and functions

Live Map View

Live Map ViewKnow where your vehicles are in real time, with live status updates and locations.  All your vehicles can be easily viewed on a single screen.  By knowing your vehicles status and movements you can increase productivity, improve your customer service and save time calling your drivers to find out where they are.

Turn by turn updates

Turn by Turn UpdatesLive 15 second turn by turn updates provide the fleet manager with a high level of accuracy, journey and activity detail. 

Historical tracking

Historical Tracking - 1 DayTrackitnow store your data for a minimum of 6 years and it is available 24/7/365.  All journeys displayed are colour coded on the map to show the speeds that the vehicle was travelling and all stops are numbered. There is a `trip stops` summary showing the address with times and colour coded icons to show stopped, idling, PTO engaged and driving events.  Graphs also show speed, ignition on/off and idling times.  All journeys and idle periods are itemised so that you can easily see where to improve fleet efficiency.

Route Reporting

Route ReportingTo help identify and eliminate vehicles overlapping on routes and inefficient schedules you can, either by day or by week, re-run and check the overlap of the routes for up to 6 vehicles at the same time. Each vehicle is shown in a different colour, and all of the stops are numbered to help you easily optimise your fleets operation.  This is a key management tool that will help fleets operating with multiple depots or groups of vehicles covering overlapping regions or territories.

Unlimited zones / alerts

Unlimited ZonesGeofence Zones trigger easily recognisable location alerts by on-screen pop up, email or any SMS text message recipient. Alert time parameters can be set up to notify any SMS or email recipient in or out of working hours.  Typical Geofence Zones are:  Home, Office, Customers, Suppliers, No-go areas, London Congestion Charge (CCZ), Refueling points, Security sensitive locations and any location where the convenience of a user friendly name is more easily recognisable than a long formal address.  On screen Trip stops summary reports and all paper or PDF reports are easier to read and feel more familiar to the reader.

Real time era alerts

Real Time AlertsWhenever one of your vehicles goes in or out of a Geofence Zone, an SMS is received, or if a vehicle breaks your set speed limit then you can receive a visual and audible alert in the ERA client.

Points of interest

Points of InterestYou are able to have points of interest highlighted on the map as coloured 'houses'.  These will help you optimise your fleet movements and easily see where the chosen locations are on the map. 


Mapping - Bing with birdseyeTrackitnow use high resolution web based mapping, offering full street addresses along with satellite imagery. 

Era Icon lite Fleet Management Features

fleet management

Fleet Management Features

Full reporting

All of our reports have been designed to give you the information required to run your business efficiently.  You can instantly view your fleets performance reports or choose to have the reports automatically emailed to you when you want them, daily, or weekly without having to login to the ERA system.  

With over 30 reports to choose from, you can be sure that we have a report that fits your requirements.  We store the tracking data for a minimum of 6 years and the historical reporting is instantly available when required.  All reports are available in PDF and most in Excel formats. 

Scheduled reports - can be automatically emailed to the required members of staff or management team, e.g. a timesheet report can be sent to your inbox every day you wish to select, or can be emailed directly to your wages clerk to verify overtime claims.

Just some of the key reports within any of the ERA tracking platforms (client, web and mobile based) to help you manage your fleet are:

  • Timesheet -  shows the start and stop time, along with miles driven and number of stops for every day.
  • Journey -  shows details on every journey taken including full address, Geofence zone, time taken, trip costs and much more.
  • Speeding - shows all journeys where the vehicle exceeded the maximum speed limit set by your company.
  • Group report - shows totals for miles driven, time driving, time stopped, idling costs, driving costs and much more.


True Engine Running

All Trackitnow hardware supports our unique TER (True Engine Running) technology that only reports idling when the vehicles engine is actually running.  The savings from reducing idling in your fleet can easily pay for the tracking implementation.  For example, a typical HGV may waste £2.50 worth of fuel if it idled for an hour.

Fleet Management

With small or large fleets, managing the vehicle servicing and MOT dates can become a never ending task.  With the Trackitnow system, email reports and alerts are sent directly to the fleet manager with: MOT date, servicing dates, insurance renewal and road fund licence renewal dates.  Automatic email alerts are sent before and when any of these become due, to help plan your servicing. 

Fuel usage / cost

Comprehensive fuel usage information is stored against each vehicle on all journeys and idles are costed.  The detailed and summary report gives the fleet manager all the information to monitor the fuel usage and understand where the waste is within the fleet.

ODO meter readings

The ERA software will keep track of the vehicles odometer reading, helping you manage the fleet and vehicle servicing.

optionsEra Icon lite Options

Optional features that can be added to ERA lite.  Please contact our sales team for further information or a live on screen demo.  

EU roaming SIM cardsView

All Trackitnow tracking devices are supplied with SIM cards that can easily be enabled for EU roaming.  Remote activation of EU roaming can easily be enabled by the Trackitnow office, if a vehicle is travelling abroad.


Worldwide roaming SIM cards

All Trackitnow tracking devices are supplied with SIM cards that can easily be enabled for worldwide roaming.  Remote activation of worldwide roaming can easily be enabled by the Trackitnow office, if a vehicle is travelling abroad.


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Era Icon lite Support Features

Support Features

Free software updates

Trackitnow regularly provide free automatic software updates to keep our customers updated with the very latest functionality.  All software and hardware is developed by our in-house team. Trackitnow have been developing award winning solutions since 2008.  All platforms are now covered including ERA Windows client software, MAC web and  smartphone and tablet versions are always evolving.  Download and install the `one-click` ERA software application here.

windows icon Windows / android icon Android / apple icon Apple

Using the Trackitnow ERA solution you can track your fleet in real time on any internet connected device.  With solutions for PC's, Apple Mac's, tablets, phones and any internet connected device, you can monitor your fleets movements from anywhere.  

All Network roaming UK Simcards

We were one of the first tracking companies to offer a full UK roaming SIM card (using all the mobile networks in the UK, Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, EE and Three) as standard with all of our tracking solutions.  This gives our customers the extra confidence that wherever the vehicle goes in the UK it has a much higher chance of sending its locations to our UK servers.  

Trackitnow Guarantee

Trackitnow offer a unique service level guarantee to all off its customers.  Terms and conditions apply. 

Lifetime warranty

All rental devices supplied by Trackitnow come with the full contract lifetime hardware exchange, parts and labour warranty.   Purchased equipment and bundled contracts benefit a 12 month parts and labour warranty. Extended parts and labour warranties are available upon request for a small monthly fee.

Service Guarantee

Trackitnow have their own private cloud server solution to provide our customers with one of the most resilient vehicle tracking platforms on the market.  Using the latest technology available, Trackitnow can offer 100% redundancy across their server architecture, ensuring our customers stay connected and in touch with their vehicle locations.

UK Customer Service Centre

Our UK based customer support team in Northamptonshire are available to help you with software training, booking of installations and any support requirements. Trackitnow predominantly operate in the UK, but also have customers in over 21 European countries.

ERA Iconlite VS ERA Iconessentials



ERA Icon lite

ERA Icon essentials

Live Turn by Turn updates


Live 15 second updates


Historic Tracking Relays

Data stored for 6 years

Google Maps


Traffic Alerts


All UK GSM Network SIM Card


Timesheet reports

Live and emailed weekly

Small Business Reports


Scheduled Reports

emailed when you need them

Excel Reporting


Geo-fence Zones


Geo-fence Zone alerts by
SMS & email


Points of Interest


Fleet Management

Manage MOT, Tax and Servicing

Free Mobile Apps & Web Based


Lifetime On Site Parts & Labour Warranty


Instant Journey Reports

Mini Trip Stops

Driver Behaviour

Harsh Accelerating, Braking & Cornering

Vehicle Grouping


FREE Two Way SMS Centre

Messages to your Drivers

Nearest Vehicle Search


User controlled access to vehicles


Road speed limits and reporting


ERA Client Desktop Software


Google Streetview


Full Reporting Suite


Cost Centres

Split your bill between different areas of your business

Idling Reports

Shows excessive idling of vehicles

Driver Behaviour Reports


Graphical Reporting on Speeding & Idling


Driver Identification


Optional £3 per month

Driver Feedback Screen


Optional £3 per month

HMRC Business / Private Mileage Button & Reporting


Optional £2.50 per month

CANBus Fuel Usage Reporting on HGV, LGV, Car & Van



HGV Tachograph Remote Download



Battery Backup



Extra Digital Input

Can be connected to a PTO


Covert Install



Motion Tracker &
Motion 2

Easy to DIY Install & Transfer


Motion 2
OBD II Tracker

Motion 2
OBD II Tracker

EU Roaming


Optional £2 per month

Optional £2 per month