Fleet Management Features

fleet management

Fleet Management Features

Full reporting

All of our reports have been designed to give you the information required to run your business efficiently.  You can instantly view your fleets performance reports or choose to have the reports automatically emailed to you when you want them, daily, or weekly without having to login to the ERA system.  

With over 30 reports to choose from, you can be sure that we have a report that fits your requirements.  We store the tracking data for a minimum of 6 years and the historical reporting is instantly available when required.  All reports are available in PDF and most in Excel formats. 

Scheduled reports - can be automatically emailed to the required members of staff or management team, e.g. a timesheet report can be sent to your inbox every day you wish to select, or can be emailed directly to your wages clerk to verify overtime claims.

Just some of the key reports within any of the ERA tracking platforms (client, web and mobile based) to help you manage your fleet are:

  • Timesheet -  shows the start and stop time, along with miles driven and number of stops for every day.
  • Journey -  shows details on every journey taken including full address, Geofence zone, time taken, trip costs and much more.
  • Speeding - shows all journeys where the vehicle exceeded the maximum speed limit set by your company.
  • Group report - shows totals for miles driven, time driving, time stopped, idling costs, driving costs and much more.


Driver Behaviour

The Trackitnow device monitors the movements of the vehicle every second and uses a set of defined limits to alert on Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Braking and Harsh Cornering.   Reduce fuel consumption, accidents and unnecessary wear and tear with live driver feedback and alerting.  Historical driver behaviour reporting can be used in conjunction with targeted driver behaviour training.

True Engine Running

All Trackitnow hardware supports our unique TER (True Engine Running) technology that only reports idling when the vehicles engine is actually running.  The savings from reducing idling in your fleet can easily pay for the tracking implementation.  For example, a typical HGV may waste £2.50 worth of fuel if it idled for an hour.

Fleet grouping

Simple and easy to use tool to allow the vehicles to be split into separate groups, e.g. separating a sales team and engineering team.  The vehicles can be grouped to allow easy viewing of locations to help optimise routes, viewing by specific users and the object icons can be colour coded for ease of use.  

Cost Centres

If you have more than one division or depot, our simple cost centre feature can be used to allocate each vehicle to the correct division or depot.  Each cost centre is then accounted for separately on the monthly direct debit invoice.  

Fleet Management

With small or large fleets, managing the vehicle servicing and MOT dates can become a never ending task.  With the Trackitnow system, email reports and alerts are sent directly to the fleet manager with: MOT date, servicing dates, insurance renewal and road fund licence renewal dates.  Automatic email alerts are sent before and when any of these become due, to help plan your servicing. 

CO2 Monitoring

The comprehensive CO2 output information enables you to easily make fleet and company CO2 declarations. 


Easy to read speed coloured tracks with graphs and full speeding reporting gives the fleet manager all the information required to manage vehicle speeding in the fleet.

Fuel usage / cost

Comprehensive fuel usage information is stored against each vehicle on all journeys and idles are costed.  The detailed and summary report gives the fleet manager all the information to monitor the fuel usage and understand where the waste is within the fleet.

ODO meter readings

The ERA software will keep track of the vehicles odometer reading, helping you manage the fleet and vehicle servicing.