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Trackitnow have developed a “ROAD SPEED LIMIT EXCEEDED” reporting tool that allows any fleet administrator to see if and when any local or national speed limit has been exceeded and for how long.  This gives users of the Trackitnow ERA Tracking System a new and previously unavailable degree of understanding about how vehicles are used relative to the legal speed limit.

Why do I need it?

Conventional speed reporting from nearly all vehicle tracking providers does not compare the ACTUAL speed being against the ASSIGNED speed limit for the given road or type.
The Trackitnow system compares every data-point collected by the Trackitnow device against the latest updated dataset of speed limits along 99% of the UK roads.

How does it benefit me?

Being able to review and reduce excessive speeding, reduces accidents, saves fuel and significantly extends vehicle longevity while enhancing vehicle end values. Better driver behavior can be a catalyst to save money, improving working conditions and enhancing the reputation of your company.

According to the European Environment Agency, “......cutting motorway speeds from 70mph to 60mph could deliver fuel savings for current technology passenger cars of 9–12 %, assuming smooth driving and 100 % compliance with speed limits. Multiply that cost across several vehicles and you have a huge source for savings in your business......cruising at 80mph can use 25% more fuel than driving at 70mph”

How do Trackitnow get the speed data and how accurate is it?

There is no single public authority responsible for maintaining speed limit information such as a national speed limit dataset. The Highways Agency is responsible for speed limits on motorways and trunk roads. Speed limits on other roads are set by the relevant Local Traffic Authority / Council.  Google has taken it upon themselves to collate this data and to keep it updated as frequently as possible. Google has no obligation to do this, but it does make this Speed dataset available to Trackitnow through an ongoing commercial partnership arrangement.

Are there any limitations?

The current data available relates to marked road speed limits applicable to cars and other light vehicles.
The data for speed limited and restricted HGV / LGV vehicles is due in early 2017

What will it cost?

The greatly anticipated “Road Speed Limit Exceeded” reporting is now live! This is a premium service, free for the initial 3 months, then £2 per vehicle per month from 1st February 2017 on the same billing invoice as the attached vehicle device. The contract duration will mirror that of the device to which the premium service is attached.

If you wish to stop the “Road Speed Limit Exceeded” premium service at any time and the service will stop immediately and the billing will not be charged again at the next billing point. No Pro-rata refunds will be given.

For any new devices connected on a fresh rental contract, you will be given the option to subscribe to the “Road Speed Limit Exceeded” premium
service in exactly the same way as above. The contract duration will also mirror that of the vehicle tracking device.

Below are 3 reports that will be available as a premium service when our service goes live in November 2016

Detailed Speed Limit Exceeded By Time Report

  • pdf downloadThis report shows all speeding occurrences of when a vehicle is speeding by time
  • This shows the road speed limit
  • The vehicles actual speed
  • How many miles an hour they were over the speed limit
  • The percentage over the speed limit
  • The address and location where the speeding happened
  • Each location can be clicked to show the precise location in Google Maps

Speed Limit Exceeded by Speed Limit Report

  • pdf downloadThis report shows all speeding occurrences by speed limit
  • This helps the customer as they can just chose which speed limits to report on
  • It also shows:
    • Time
    • Actual speed of the vehicle
    •  How many miles an hour they were over the speed limit
    • The percentage over the speed limit
    • The address and loaction where the speeding happened

Summary Speed Limit Exceeded Report

  • PDF DownloadThis report shows the maximum speed in each speed limit
  • Number of times the vehicle went over each speed limit

All future developments and updates encompassed in the speeding by road solution will be delivered free of charge to all customers that sign up for the solution at the prevailing rates as already outlined above.