Managing the downloading of tachograph data can be very time consuming and if your vehicles are remote to your offices then it can mean re-arranging the vehicles routes to allow for the download.

The DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) require that the vehicle tachograph data is downloaded every 90 days and that the driver tachograph data is downloaded every 28 days.  

Trackitnow have developed a solution that uses our latest Advance Tracker to link to VDO & Stoneridge tachograph units and allows both the vehicle and driver data to be downloaded automatically to our secure servers.

The solution has been developed to allow users to set up schedules for the downloads, therefore safeguarding the company on DVSA compliance, saving time and money.  All files are downloaded directly via the Trackitnow Advance tracker to our secure UK based servers.

The benefits are:

tachograph large iconMake DVSA compliance simpler

  • Schedule the downloads
  • Driver data
  • Vehicle data

Save costs

  • All data is downloaded over the air directly to our secure servers
  • No need to route vehicles back to offices for downloads

Boost Productivity

  • Save on staff time for downloads

All in one solution

  • Our Advance Tracker can be enabled to remotely download tachograph data
  • No need for extra hardware just for the download
  • Only one monthly charge for tracking and download
        - No need for an extra SIM card
  • The Advance tracker can also be enabled for CANBus data from HGV’s

Web access

  • No infrastructure costs
  • All files are downloaded to our secure servers
  • Support all UK & EU file formats
  • Company card never leaves the company’s office
        - Remote authentication of the company card
  • Login from anywhere