Trackitnow launch a new ERA version

This release of the ERA client will offer new features including: Live traffic event and congestion alerts, excessive stationary vehicle alerts, driver behaviour alerts, new driver behaviour reports, enhancments to the business / private feature and new icon status's.

More information on the new features:

  • Excessive Stationary Vehicle Alerts
    • Your business can loose time and money when your vehicles are not as efficient
    • This feature allows you to set a time that you want to be alerted when the vehicle has been stationary for XX minutes
    • The system will then alert you when the defined time has been exceeded
  • Driver Behaviour Alerts
    • We have enhanced our driver behaviour suite and when a track is carried out, we highlight on the track where harsh driver behaviour alerts have occurred
  • Driver Behaviour Reports
    • We have add two new driver behaviour reports
      • Top 10 worst drivers with company average score
        • This report will highlight your top 10 worst drivers and also the company aggregated average score 
        • This will allow your business to focus on the top 10 worst performing drivers  and to make savings through continual training, guidance and re-measurement
      • Individual Driver Behaviour Report
        • This goes alongside the Top 10 report andit will show the last two weeks driver scores
        • This means you can work with your drivers to get fewer harsh driving alerts
  • Enhanced Business / Private Feature
    • We have added privacy to the business / private feature
    • When the 'private' button is pressed the user will not be able to see the vehicles movements in the live screen or when carrying out a track
    • For safety and security purposes only the power user will still have access to the vehicles movements
  • New Icons
    • We have added a new icon for:
      • Private
      • Not Installed
      • Live traffic status feed from the highways agency

If you would like more information on these faetures or any other feature then please contact our support team on 0845 4670846 option 2