Fleet size : 45 rigid and articulated mixed fleet LGV

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The aim was to gain a better understanding of the live and historical reporting for evidence purposes and to comply with their clients "just-in-time" service level agreements.

Fuel savings would be bonus, but Medlers management thought this would be a small gain as they felt they "understood" what their driver behavior was like.

A blind installation and trial too place whereby the idling time represented 14% of the total fuel used.

3 months later this was reduced to 4% following "gentle" driver behavior encouragement  and training to just 20% of the worst offenders. The training information propagated through the fleet as a whole and the results were both surprising and staggering.

6 months on and the idling fuel wastage was down to just under 1% of total fuel used.

"Needless to say the positional information and route planning we get now on our fleet has made significant savings in overall labour and fuel related costs.The direct impact of almost totally eliminating the idling time has taken us all by surprise and we couldn't have achieved this without the Trackitnow system............some of our customers have a login to see the vehicles that we assign to them, which allows  our customers to be kept informed of when the vehicles will arrive and expect to be loaded.............none of us are particularly technical  but the system is simple and intuitive to use and Trackitnow support guys are always there to ask if we need any help."

Sarah Alston - Managing Director - Medlers Haulage